Thursday, January 31, 2008

Campaign Droppings -- III

Tonight's Debate

I thought Clinton was better than Obama because her lead in national polls is slipping and she was pretty much poised, in control of her mannerisms (except for predictable cackle when a personal question confronts her) and, therefore more at risk of screwing up. She didn't.

However, while she can best him in debate, Obama would do much better against any Republican than she would. Yes, he can be professorially tendentious, but that makes his zingers so much better than her Talmudic policy proclamations.

Why She Won't Apologize

Last spring, The New Republic ran a lengthy explanation of why Clinton won't apologize for her first vote on Iraq. The reason is that she and her husband are basically foreign policy hawks.

Race a Factor?

I'm sure it was not intended, but boy did I do a double take when I heard Obama say during a speech earlier in the day praise John Edwards "and his great race." White?

Two Great Lines About Giuliani

Last week, the New York Times, projecting the results of this past week's Republican primary election, headlined: Good Bye Rudy, Tuesday

And today I heard about a couple of printed accounts that said Giuliani, like many of his former constituents went to Florida to die.

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