Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Roosting Chickens

New polling shows that the Democrats in Congress – meaning the Democratic Party -- have lost their edge among the public in terms of confidence in running things. The drop is 13 percentage points in a month on the question of whether they or President Bush are better able to lead the country and 10 percentage points on how they are running things in Congress, which they control!

What has happened in that relatively short period of time, a time when the Bush Administration is nothing but a chain-reaction car wreck? Iraq. The various congressional votes on cutting off funding for the war in Iraq is without doubt behind the wasting of Democratic political capital.

You win power because you are for something, not because you or your party is adept at the inside baseball of forging compromises. In 2006, the Democrats were seen as the party that will get us out of Iraq. Now, however, because Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are terrified of being tarred as cowards, the Democrats have lost the impetus.

Shame on Clinton and Obama. They had their chance to show leadership, and they, along with plenty of other “centrist” Democrats failed us. More than whether they are right or wrong, they will be judged as having proved Republicans correct – they are cowards and are unfit to lead.

Republicans keep electing nincompoops to office because they spout easily digestible lines, even thought the country chokes to death on them.

The Republicans can win in 2008 by nominating a Fred Thompson, a Rudy Giuliani or a Mitt Romney who will, like the new president of France, run as the agents of change against their own party and convince voters that chicken shit is chicken salad.

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  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I am kinda on the fence about Clinton--I cringe when she tries to talk like a normal woman (sometimes I ask God to help me with my weight. We both used to go to Foundry Church and I would hope she prays for the soldiers' lives or something. Maybe she does.) Her stand on the war--hard to get out, what if there is a massacre, etc. We will never get out! Yes, people are cooling on the Dems. We hate the Reps. Where does that leave us--except wallowing in more can't-breathe-in-all-the-way hopelessness.

    Obama? I am not hooking to his wagon yet. He seems a little tentative and situational. I am just not feeling it...