Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Two Republicans Dead; But Only One Knows It Yet

Jerry Falwell died yesterday. In the spirit of not speaking ill of the dead, all I can say is, "Boy, is he in for a surprise!"

I have been laying off the Alberto Gonzales scandal because I said all that needed to be said last January when the U.S. attorney firings came to light. And I said it again and again.

But it just keeps getting worse. It turns out that when Gonzales was President Bush's legal counsel, he raced to a hospital to get a seriously ill and barely conscious Attorney General John Aschroft to sign a dubious document allowing for secret eavesdropping on American citizens. Ashcroft's deputy, getting wind of the move, arrived first -- lights flashing and sirens screaming -- and got Ashcroft to tell Gonzales to go to hell when he arrived to take advantage of a sick man.

The guy who saved the day -- at least for the day -- just resigned; the highest ranking Justice Department official to leave in the wake of Gonzales' criminal mismanagement. Oh, yeah. He's the guy Gonzales blamed for firing the the U.S. attorneys instead of owning up to the fact that a Rosencrantz and a Guildenstern in liege to Karl Rove did the dirty deeds.

The only halfway positive thing that can be said of this reeking reprehensible Republican admininistration is that W. has applied affirmative action to the corruption, dishonesty and moral turpitude we thought were traits only of Texas Anglos.

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