Friday, April 13, 2007

The New Black List

When you earn a terminal academic degree, say a Ph.D., or a J.D., you are entitled to be called “Dr.” and append “Esq.” to the end of your name.

There is no rule about how long you can do that, but if you call yourself “doctor” or “esquire” for one year past attaining the degree, you are considered by peers as a preening, inconsequential, foolish fraud whose actual accomplishments are zero.

Such is the case with a woman whose existence became known to me today in the aftermath of the Imus lynching. She is self-identified as “Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq.,” and her bio reveals her to be a lifelong activist who has not held a serious job in her life. Which makes her the female equivalent of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, except they have better hair.

Williams heads the National Congress of Black Women, whose mission seems to be to institutionalize victimhood. On Friday, it announced it will lead a “a national coordinated effort to make it unpleasant and unprofitable to denigrate women through the use of racist, sexist comments” in the news and entertainment media.

In other words, a thought pogrom.

Let’s parse her press release action statement. She will make it “unpleasant.” What could that mean? That we will have to hear her voice every time someone says something she finds to be “racist” or “sexist?” Or does it mean she will lead boycotts? Or does it mean she will slander people? Or does it mean she will threaten them with physical harm? You do recall that to some unreconstructed white racists, the Civil War was referred to as the “unpleasantness.” Calling people out for “racist” or “sexist” comments is one thing in the work place, but she is specifically trying to impose her definition of unauthorized words upon the news media and the arts.

Calling her a bitch would be an example of improper language, but she said nothing about common profanity, so my reaction to her statement is “Fuck that shit!” She is just another in a long line of self-appointed cultural censors like Anita Bryant and Tipper Gore.

On MSNBC’s “Hardball,” Williams was asked what her new coalition of otherwise respectable black and women’s groups would be looking at. “We will be monitoring everything,” she replied. “Who knows where the racism, bigotry and sexism is coming from?”

Indeed, who knows who might say an evil thing?

She will have to have her minority minions watching and listening to everything being said – like some black National Security Agency. Like the neo-fascist “liberals” at the blog site “Media Matters” whose mission of countering right-wing misinformation is a cover for attacking the mainstream news media – the only institutions with the capability and interest in investigating frauds. (It is a crying shame that a once-admirable National Association of Black Journalists is now in the business of ferreting out thoughts and language it doesn’t like.)

What in the name of Lena Horne and Paul Robeson is this poseur and snake oil sales clerk on her high horse about?

By her press conference, her interviews and her need to validate a resume thin as owl shit on slate, Williams seems intent on re-creating “Red Channels,” the 1940s publication by right-wing racists and nativists that listed supposed “communists” in the arts and news media. It is sadly ironic that the generic name for such career-wrecking smear jobs was “the black list.” One of the most willing career executioners was then, as now, CBS.

In gaining all her degrees, it must have escaped Williams’ notice that the main victims of the first black list were Jews, blacks and those who supported civil rights. Here are some of the people whose careers were targeted by the witch-hunters that she has now joined in spirit:

Lena Horne
Paul Robeson
Langston Hughes
Lee J. Cobb
Aaron Copland
José Ferrer
John Garfield
Will Geer (Grandpa Walton)
Jack Gilford, actor
Judy Holliday
Gypsy Rose Lee
Burgess Meredith
Arthur Miller (author of “The
Dorothy Parker
Edward G. Robinson
Artie Shaw
K. Smith
Orson Welles
Richard Attenborough
Barbara Bel Geddes
Charlie Chaplin

Charles Collingwood

Now she has created a “white list,” and the first victim was Don Imus. Maybe she will go after hip-hop lyrics, but that is no more justified than going after E.Y. “Yip” Harburg, the composer of “Over the Rainbow,” who made the first blacklist.

Song lyrics, humor (no matter how pathetic) and screenplays don’t kill people. Race rabble-rousers and riot-inciters, like George Wallace and Al Sharpton, do. Wallace has the blood of four little girls in Birmingham on his cold dead hands. Sharpton has on his hands the blood of eight people – and counting.

As for “Dr.” E. Faye Williams, “Esq.” she should shut up before she does any more damage than she is already does as head of a company that hornswoggles black people by selling them unproven, unscientific, potentially harmful “natural health” products, including peanut potions to relieve the pain of arthritis, gout, diabetic neuropathy and stress -- and to straighten nappy hair.

In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, she lists herself as “Former Counsel to the US Congress.” Needless to say, there is no such position, although there are hundreds of such people who serve at any given time as a counsel to the “U.S. Congress Committee on (such and such)” and do not claim to be the counsel to Congress. Her real congressional job was a staff aide to a long-retired member. It is hard to tell whether that was before or after she was chief of staff to the race-baiting, paranoid, tax-evading, crack-smoking, serial husband Marion Barry.

She was, however, given “Distributor of the Year Award” in 2003 by Unither Pharma, a company who that same year signed a consent degree with the Federal Trade Commission to stop deceptive advertising for a food bar it claimed, falsely, would prevent heart disease.

This piece of work, “Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq.,” is expert in only one thing -- false advertising, -- and she is on the loose again.

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