Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Corporation-Approved Speech

With Imus going down in flames as MSNBC and the big boys of national advertising pulling out after being blackmailed by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, we are one step closer to having only official opinions. Just ask Bill Maher, one of the freshest, funniest and most provocative comics working today. He was fired from ABC for a remark he made after 9/11. The name of his show was “Politically Incorrect.”

“Imus in the Morning” is really cooked now that it will not appear on MSNBC, which is where most of official Washington gets the feed because of the poor reception from the program’s radio outlet.

General Motors Corp., GlaxoSmithKline,, Procter & Gamble Co. and Staples are certainly paragons of racial correctness, aren’t they? Why did it take a week for corporate America to decide Imus was toxic when he has been insulting innocent people for decades. It is their Bush-given right to advertise where they wish, but we know that they are cowards when it comes controversy. One good thing is that lost sponsors Ditech and Head On have the two most obnoxious commercials in history that will now be heard by fewer people.

The cure for bad speech, it is said, is better speech. But thought-assassins Sharpton and Jackson haven’t had a decent thing to offer public discourse in their entire lives. Up in Jackson’s “Hymietown,” Sharpton twice incited black mobs, once in Harlem where seven people died, and once in Crown Heights, denouncing “diamond merchants” before skittering away like a cockroach before his acolytes murdered a Jew.

I would rather have the choice to hear about “nappy headed hos” than be forced to hear silence. Thought-assassins Sharpton and Jackson have never had to answer for anything in their lives, and it is about time they were forced to.

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