Monday, March 19, 2007

Bush’s Evil May Save Lives

The irony of various Bush administration horrors is that the unclothed emperor can no longer get away with anything, what with subpoena powers in the hands of Democrats and the impossibility of firing anyone else for doing their jobs.

The result may be that you and your relatives live longer.

While the Republican war on science was being exposed before a House subcommittee today, the head of the National Institutes of Health (a presidential appointee) told a Senate subcommittee that fetal stem cell research is essential. A majority of the public wants federally supported fetal stem cell research. Now, the nation's top government scientist has broken the administration's gag on the truth.

This would have been heresy before the 2006 elections and even before the perversion of justice involving the U.S. Attorneys. It would have been heresy before the mistreatment of veterans came to light in Waltergate. But now, many truths are starting to emerge as Republicans face a generation of electoral doom unless they face reality.

Bush had cut off federal funding for stem cell research in deference to the anti-life, anti-science rabble that composed his political base. It took Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to fund it in California and Republican appointee Dr. Elias Zerhouni at NIH to finally speak the truth on behalf of the entire scientific community.

Imagine the uproar if Bush is even dumber than we know and fires Zerhouni. He can't do it because most of the public now understands that Bush is an ignorant, incompetent, malevolent fraud who can’t get away with even spitting on the sidewalk –because he has spent his entire public life spitting on the American people.

(Disclosure: A member of my family works at NIH and these views are entirely mine alone.)

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