Sunday, February 11, 2007

Shove It the Long Way, Mr. President.

Politics and music have gone together ever since the Song of Solomon, if not before.

No suprise, then, that the lovely Dixie Chicks won all five Grammy Awards they were nominated for now. They make great music, but these awards vindicated the trio and demonstrated that the public has repudiated Bushitler and the America-hating rednecks who, with the Clear Channel music corpofascists, tried to derail their career.

Song of the year "Not Ready to Make Nice," and the coveted album of the year, "Taking the Long Way," are melodic ways of telling Bushitler to take this war and shove it the long way.

Nice touch that introducing them to perform "Not Ready to Make Nice" was Joan Baez.

And a nicer touch that lead Chick Natalie Maines' first words in accepting song of the year were, "To quote the great Simpsons: heh-heh."

Is this really a political win? It is, in the sense that the academy doesn't reward cash register bombs. Somebody is buying their records, and tomorrow, even more will.

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