Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Different Strokes

Sometimes I think the patron saint of Democrats is Job. OK, he isn't a saint, and maybe it's really Joe Blfptxx. But dang, we can't get a break.

First, Bush steals the 2000 election; then he gets lucky to have 9/11 happen on his watch, and by that I mean any doofus could have shown leadership and gone to war regardless of party. Except Democrats would have gone after the real enemy.

Then he steals the 2004 election in Ohio.

And now, Tim Johnson, whom you never heard of, has a stroke. Don't know yet his condition, but if he dies or chooses to resign, the Republicans control the Senate.

For you furriners, it works like this. When there is a vacancy in the Senate, the Founding Morons decided the governor of the state appoints a replacement until the next election. (In the House, a vacancy is filled by a quick special election.) The governor of South Dakota is a Republican. Should Democrat Tim Johnson have to leave the Senate, on his own volition or feet first,a Republican will replace him.

The Democratic 51-49 majority sinks to 50-50. Cheney breaks any tie, which also means Mean Mitch McConnell becomes majority leader, the entire committee structure and daily agenda are in the hands of Republicans and the country remains in Bush hell.

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