Tuesday, November 21, 2006

One Man's Family Planning

Vice President Dick Cheney walked up to Democrat Patrick Leahy on the Senate floor a couple of years ago and told him to "fuck off."

Now President Bush is saying the same thing to the country, in as many ways as possible, from announcing that "victory" in Iraq can be achieved only by staying there, to resubmitting troglodyte judicial nominees for confirmation. Those judicial nominees have to appear before the committee that, thanks to the American people Nov. 7, will be chaired by Leahy.

In his latest act of disdain for Democrats, women and babies yet to be born into poverty, Bush appointed a prominent birth control opponent to head the federal agency in charge of family planning.

Bush's father, however, was such a proponent of family planning that during his four years in Congress in the 1960s his nickname among members was "rubbers."

Bet he never planned on having an idiot in the family.

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