Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Harry and Louise Wise Up

If Nixon could go to China and Clinton could reform welfare, I guess Harry and Louise could be for health care reform – sort of.

The insurance industry that hung Bill and Hillary Clinton out to dry a dozen years ago with TV ads starring “Harry and Louise”
fretting about a government takeover of health care is now saying it thinks the nation’s 47 million uninsured people should be covered.

The irony is that all those voters who the Republicans scared into thinking the government would run their health care are having their choices limited not by the feds but by the insurance industry. And people who rely on miracle drugs or technology to recover from illness are benefiting from the $30 billion or so a year the government spends on medical research – before turning it over to the rapacious drug industry for nothing.

What the insurance industry is doing is slick public relations – trying to look good and open the floor for seemingly real debate on health care reform. But like the buccaneers of Big Pharma, they are going to lobby for “reform” while making sure in the end that government subsidies leave them covered with a healthy profit and the taxpayers get it in the end.

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