Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Back Again, Like Acne

OK, it's taken more than four years, and I may finally have some thoughts. I probably am the last person on earth to take up personally blogging, though I blog at work and comment on other blogs.

The title? It dates to 1967 when I began a column at The Diamondback, the student paper at the University of Maryland. It was a series of short items, a few grafs each, about national politics, the Vietnam War, student government, the Greek system and campus luminaries I didn't like.

I thought I was a center-left Democrat, but since no one at that university at the time was at all involved in anything outside of careerism and beerism (hell, pot didn't even get there till about '68)my thoughts were instantly seen as those of a radical hippie communist. Years later, as a respectable unbiased journalist, whenever I would meet a classmate in public, the question always was, "Hey, do you still spell America with a "k?" Well, not yet, but ... stayed tuned.

I ate up the notoriety, and it launched a career in journalism, which took up the first half of my professional life. The rest has been in nonprofit health communication and being comfortable.

This blog will be less about me and more about politics, baseball, folk music, the foibles of mankind and whatever else is annoying.

A few basics: I am 58, but I read at a 61-year-old level. I live in the Washington, DC area, have a wife and two adult children who (since they are not reading this) I may say are tons smarter than I am. I am still a center-left Democrat, moving farther to the left, relatively speaking, as the Bushitler regime destroys Amerika as we know it.

OOPS I did it again!


  1. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Hi Ira,
    Good start. Venting is good the soul and the mind, plus you don't have some chaperone -- like Foty -- watching over your shoulder.
    Jim Anderson

  2. Anonymous12:15 PM

    As one who has never managed to say anything of consequence in less than 15 paragraphs, including much repetition, hyperbole and bad grammatical construction I wish you well :)

    Brian F.